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A Science And Language Festival

A few second and third years went on a trip to a school in Stary Sącz for a Science Festival on the 9th of June. We took a bus at around 10 to get there. All together, we spent about 4 hours there. The different buildings, into which the school was divided into, where labeled with different letters.
In the first building, we went inside into a huge hall where there were loads of experiments. The hall was filled with things related to physics, chemistry and maths. We saw a few robots, made out of lego, powered by batteries and run by special controllers. Everyone got a turn at trying them out. These were especially loved by the younger kids (who came from other schools).

In another hall we saw a bunch of science experiments. Everyone enjoyed seeing the liquid helium the most. The women who were assigned to do a show every hour, created explosions, causing a white fog to form in the room. They also placed cabbage and roses into the liquid helium, which made them to go hard, so that they crushed when they fell on the ground. You could see and hear if you managed to get close enough to the women doing it.

Another interesting thing we got to see were different toys which explained physics in a simple way. You could learn a few things as well as have fun and experience new stuff.

We spent the most time in the block where you could go into different classrooms to play language games. They had a quiz on England and Language Puns in one of them. Only one team won, but everyone got a small prize for participating. Only teens really came into this room and took part in the activities, because the younger kids didn't understand much. You could do things related to English, German and Russian.

Some of the younger children could also take an AIKIDO lesson and participate in sports games or activites which tested their physical abilites, such as: speed, strength .etc.
Overall it was a great day and it was worth the time. A day in which you learn and have fun, is a day that you haven't wasted.

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